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Silvr is your cloud engineering A-team, specializing in world class solutions for mid-to-large enterprise businesses. Our mission is to lead our customers to modern cloud architectures that deliver continuous, clearly measurable business value.

We know that each business comes to the table with unique challenges and goals. Our approach is adaptive, tailored to address the needs of your individual business and operational stakeholders. You won’t find any cookie cutters here.

About Us

Industry Experience

Systems are contextual. Our experts bring decades of experience in a broad range of industries to every project, so we can hit the ground running.

Health Care


Our experience in the insurance and medical device markets means we understand the strict compliance environments between the United States (HIPAA) and European Union (GDPR). From advanced orchestration of cloud-native architectures to moving legacy product systems to the public cloud, we have navigated this highly regulated industry on a global level.


Energy Exploration

The compute-intense nature of the advanced CAD, GIS, and IoT tools in the Energy industry requires careful orchestration in the cloud. Our confidence in this space comes from deep experience deploying globally portable and scalable applications in the public and private cloud.

Public and Government


Public sector challenges include sensitive budgets and regulatory compliance pressures. Through workload migration projects with state and local government agencies, we have gained in-depth experience in architecting with AWS GovCloud services.



The unpredictability of retail sales requires flexibility and fine tuning. We have helped several of the world’s largest retailers build automated dynamic-scale infrastructures in the public cloud, designed specifically to support extreme demand swings.



To support sophisticated analysis and storing of genomic data at scale, we have helped scientists and university programs to harness the public cloud’s near-infinite compute and storage capacity with careful consideration of resource spend.


Our most typical engagements combine multiple services and begin with a strategic discovery and assessment process. We’re also positioned to jump in at the tactical level to help you accelerate or troubleshoot work-in-progress.

Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration programs are the most mission-critical change initiatives facing technology organizations today. Our team has surfed this change wave for nearly a decade and is ready to help you assess current state versus your desired vision. From there, we can map out and coach the structural, tooling, and process shifts necessary to get you on the right path.

Cloud Migrations


Migrating enterprise workloads to the cloud is our core competency. Our approach is rooted in automation, and our consultants come with an arsenal of battle-tested orchestration patterns to drive effective outcomes. If you are evaluating cloud providers or hybrid models, we can help by standing up reference architectures in the cloud. If you have already started your migration journey and are hitting roadblocks, we can get you back on track.

Automation and Orchestration


Automation is a proven tool for driving efficiency and velocity in your release cycles. Performing a repeatable task twice is once too many, in our opinion. Using the latest tools and tested patterns, we help you create immediate, lasting business value by eliminating repeatable tasks and setting you up for light speed releases at the push of a button.



Moving your workloads to the cloud should deliver significant resource efficiency and cost savings. But without careful evaluation of resource needs, it is easy to over-spend. With budget efficiency as a priority, our optimization experts consider each workload’s unique dynamics and guide you to appropriate, cost-effective solutions. We can also help you set up monitors for real-time budget visibility against financial benchmarks.



Misconceptions over security responsibilities are common among businesses moving to the public cloud. Public cloud providers are typically responsible for securing the underlying hardware and network infrastructure, while businesses must secure access credentials and the application stack. Our team walks you through the shared responsibility model and ensures application security at all levels.

Big Data and IoT

Big Data & IoT

We may not be data scientists, but we’ve got ninja tricks that will enable yours. Our team brings experience with Big Data domains to your project to make managing large data sets across application environments faster, easier, and reliably consistent. With well-calibrated data, you will see significant productivity boosts in development and testing cycles.

Executive Team

Mark Thorsen

Mark Thorsen

Founder & CEO

Steve Neuharth

Steve Neuharth

Founder & COO


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